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“Interning at Lakeland has been an awesome experience!  This has given me an opportunity to experience something that I have never experienced before.”

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At The Internship

To be successful at your internship, you must be on time and professional at all times.  Be flexible in the hours you can intern and be friendly with coworkers and clients.



Almost everyone gets their job through people they may know.  While at your internship or in school, you should broaden your horizons and communicate as much as you can with peers and mentors.  These people will be the key to getting a new job or new lead.  There is more than one way to network and you need to learn multiple ways to increase your chances of success.



Jacob Fiorello – Music Teaching

“This internship is something I cherish a lot because I want people to learn how to play and read music and instruments. Right now it’s just a matter of me getting used to the teaching process and figuring out how to effectively communicate with students.”


Jonathan Gabriel – State Farm Insurance

“I have learned how the business setting operates and how to act in any given situation. My mentor has been very attentive in guiding me through calls and displaying what to do for the type of business that is being dealt with. I have learned more about business than any class that I have taken as I learn real world business techniques and absorb real information about how the business world works.”

Jessica Kuhar – Law Office of Raimondi, La Sala & Bocker

“When the lawyer I directly work with is working on a deposition, I will pull legal documents or exhibits that will help the case. This is my favorite part of working there because I actually get to see all the aspects of the legal case and make independent decisions to either prove someone is wrong or help defend a client.”


Megan Lockwood – Center For Family Resources

“My time at the Center For Family Resources in Ringwood has been amazing. The environment in the classroom has been nothing but positive, and the administrators and teachers I have met definitely made the experience I have had the best it could be.”


Carly Merlo – Pequannock Dental Valley Associates

“This is the first job I’ve ever had that is with adults and not just other high school kids so it makes me feel very mature. Some of my responsibilities are sterilizing tools, cleaning rooms, restocking, taking out the trash, and restocking the sterilization room.”


Madison Stout – Wanaque School

“I get to engage myself in activities such as social skills, hand writing, as well as their specials and speech therapy. My teacher has done a great job showing me everything I need to be successful as a teacher.”


Morgan Tripodi – Ringwood Family Dental

“My first internship experience has been very rewarding because I have gained and learned new skills. The internship has boosted my knowledge in dental hygiene. I certainly know that I know more now than I did before I started my internship.”

Marketing Yourself

In today's world, everyone is always looking at you at all times and creating their perception about you.  You must let the people know who you are, what you are good at and where you want to go.  As high school seniors, you will be marketing yourself this year at your internships and more importantly while you're applying to colleges.  Applications and resumes are the formal way to market yourself but you can do so much more during the school year to make you even more successful.


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