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“Interning at Lakeland has been an awesome experience!  This has given me an opportunity to experience something that I have never experienced before.”






Always Trying To

Improve Ourselves!

At The Internship

To be successful at your internship, you must be on time and professional at all times.  Be flexible in the hours you can intern and be friendly with coworkers and clients.



Almost everyone gets their job through people they may know.  While at your internship or in school, you should broaden your horizons and communicate as much as you can with peers and mentors.  These people will be the key to getting a new job or new lead.  There is more than one way to network and you need to learn multiple ways to increase your chances of success.


Marketing Yourself

In today's world, everyone is always looking at you at all times and creating their perception about you.  You must let the people know who you are, what you are good at and where you want to go.  As high school seniors, you will be marketing yourself this year at your internships and more importantly while you're applying to colleges.  Applications and resumes are the formal way to market yourself but you can do so much more during the school year to make you even more successful.



Jessica Adams - Lakeland Athletic Training

“So far I have learned a lot, I have learned how to tape ankles and wrists. I have learned about different muscles and bones in the body. I have learned different exercises to do with someone with an injury. I help them with their rehab and treatments. I enjoy doing rehab with people more than taping.  Janell really helps me learn more and more each day. She is also very good about letting us actually help and be hands on and not just sit there and watch her do everything.”


Alie Barna – Donna A. Sanzari Women’s Hospital Research Center

“The people in the lab are so kind and I am learning a lot of useful information. The research coordinator took me under her wing and taught me how to use different lab tools and machines. I was even taught how to read ultrasound scans. Not to mention, I am also learning a lot about certain diseases and how our body reacts to them. Who would’ve thought I would be studying placenta accreta or preeclampsia as a senior in high school?”


Teresa Centurione – Professional Physical Therapy

“Personally, I love interning here. The physical therapists are very encouraging of my future goals and try to fill me in on everything they do. I want to go to college for Physical Therapy and become a therapist myself one day. The therapists and the licensed aids talk to me about their college experience in a PT program and ask me many questions about what I want to do. This encourages me to think about all of the possibilities and opportunities I have going into college.”


Olivia Deady – Pequannock Dental Valley Associates
“My internship at Pequannock Valley Dental Associates has taught me tons of skills that I think will help me with my career. My day consists of screening patients, sterilizing equipment, helping the hygienists with perio charting which determines how healthy the teeth are, calling to confirm patient appointments, calling insurance companies to check for eligibility, checking for the mandatory forms for the next day’s patients, and washing the scrubs. I have gained exposure to different types of patients I could have to deal with such as those who are handicapped, mentally ill, children, and everything in between. I am very thankful for this opportunity because it has allowed me to meet many great people.”


McKayla Gardner – Ashley Berdan Design

“Ashley Berdan Design is a great company and Ashley is a very nice boss. I'm happy to be interning with her as she has taught me a lot about the interior design process.  The projects I've completed so far include 3D modeling rooms and creating Pinterest ads. The classes I've taken at Lakeland have helped me with these projects.”


Samantha Gurrieri – Lakeland Athletic Training

“Although I am not allowed to perform the very important aspects of rehab and treatment on the athletes, my mentor has still taught me about them. For example, I learned how the Stim machine works and what it is used for. I learned the proper way to wrap ankles, wrists, etc. She even lets me practice my taping and wrapping on her. I have practiced a lot and have gotten pretty good at it. I have learned way more than I thought I would this early in the internship and I am so grateful for having such a great mentor. Going to the training room is probably the best part of my day”


Shane Harnett – State Farm Insurance

“I have learned a lot not just only on how the day to day business operates, but how insurance companies work as a whole, how money is made in the company, and a lot of useful information about insurance in general that is really valuable especially later in life when I’m going to be in the market for my own insurance.  The amount that goes into calculating your premiums and the factors that can both raise or drop your rates is a lot, more so than I ever thought.”


Abigail Molnar – Children of Promise Stable

“My internship at Children of Promise Stable has helped me grow mentally and physically. There are two different categories that I partake in at the barn. One of them is the manual labor around the barn and the other is assisting with riding lessons.  Throughout my weeks of being here I have made tons of small improvements that add up to a big one. Along with that, volunteering here has helped me learn different ways to give horseback riding lessons. Watching the kids grow is a big benefit and I can't wait to see how much farther they go.”