Community can be defined as “People or groups of people who acknowledge their interconnectedness, have a sense of common purpose, respect their differences, and support each other’s growth”

Megan Lockwood – Center For Family Resources

“With each day I learn more about working in a professional setting and grow more connected with the students and staff. The atmosphere in each different classroom is so positive and I have loved feeling included in the day to day lives of the children here. While being an intern I have met multiple people with different backgrounds and this has helped me not only shape my people skills for the better but learn how to address various different obstacles we may face while working.”

Timothy Bautz – Erskine Lakes Fire Department

“I enjoy my senior service and feel that it is a worthwhile program for other future seniors to take part in. It gives us more opportunity to improve our craft and spend time doing what we love to do.”

Shannon Dunn – Bloomingdale Animal Shelter

“I volunteer at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter. What I do is I help pet, bathe, and play with the dogs. Sometimes I feed or clean their cages. While doing these activities, I feel relief and enjoyment because I love dogs and they are great stress relievers for me after a tough day of school. It makes me feel good that I’m making the dogs around me happy and I know one day they will all get good homes.”

Jake Van Dine – Erskine Lakes Fire Department

“The most enjoyable part of my internship is being able to work on skills I’ve previously learned either by my own department or at the academy, touching up and being able to practice my skills such as forcible entry, ladder throwing, hose advancement, and conducting search drills.”