School To Work



“An important concept I’ve learned throughout my years of high school is that communication and teamwork is the key to success.  As a person, Lakeland has surely shaped the person I am today and will continue to be for the rest of my life!”

- Julia Garcia Class of 2020



Provide a "Hire Education" to Lakeland Regional High School Students…

Participate in the School To Work Program!


Community can be defined as “People or groups of people who acknowledge their interconnectedness, have a sense of common purpose, respect their differences, and support each other’s growth”


As an employer in Haskell, Wanaque, Ringwood or the surrounding area, you can become a part of our school community and make a difference to our young people. Your business will be recognized by our school administration, teachers, parents, and of course our hard-working students.


Also known as Work-Based Learning (WBLs), these experiences offer our seniors valuable opportunities to discover their interests and strengths which in turn, provide worthwhile insights to their future careers.  Students are mentored and supervised by a Work-Based Learning Coordinator.


Benefits for Employers

  • Provides an efficient and cost-effective method of recruiting new part-time, evening, or weekend employees.

  • Gives local employers the opportunity to provide input to the school on industry trends, standards and training needs.

  • Senior Options student employees are screened carefully for interest, competency, and maturity. They are supervised by a licensed school professional who acts as liaison between employer and students.

  • Promote the participating businesses in school publications.

  • Lakeland provides insurance coverage for interns

  • The Senior Options program is a chance for successful business and professional people to "give back to youth." Mentoring is fun, and "learning" from young people is refreshing.

In the Classroom​

The work done behind closed doors allows you to explore, research and gain knowledge about the diversity and impact of current trends in the workplace.  Once you have a strong background of information and knowledge, your self confidence will grow at your place of employment or internship.


At the Workplace

To be successful on the job, you must be on time and professional at all times.  Be flexible in the hours you can work and be friendly with customers and work well with employees.


  • Human Relations

  • Workplace Safety/OSHA

Communication SkillS
Resume and Interview Skills

Marketing Yourself
Public Relations

Workplace Readiness Skills
Professional Portfolio